Care instructions


Hand wash your Lycra/Sequin outfit in cool or tepid water using mild detergent.
Drip dry away from direct heat and sunlight and DO NOT dry clean or tumble dry.
Tackle stains straight away by quickly soaking the stain in cold or tepid water and rub small amounts of mild detergent to the affected area – do not use hot water as this can set the stain.
To remove strong smells fill the sink with cold water, add a cup of baking soda and soak for no more than 1 hour. Drip dry as above.


We recommend hanging your High Jinx pieces up when they’re out dazzling, especially if they are delicate or holographic pieces.
Do not put in a draw when damp – this will cause damage to any foils and could transfer fabric dye on to other garments.


We love using glittery, shiny and holographic fabrics… as much as we know you love wearing them! They do tend to need a little more attention than your average pair of leggings though. Whilst we always buy the highest quality of sparkles and foils we can find, if they are being worn and washed as an every day item of clothing then the colours may fade.. If you’d like more help choosing the right one for you please don’t hesitate to ask!