This all started with my wonderful mum.. Having graduated from fashion college in the 1980’s specialising in pattern cutting, she spent many years creating everything from Mad Hatter’s Tea Party costumes to Town Crier’s liveries. In 2010 she started a passion project making leotards for arial circus performers and discovered the art of cleverly tailoring Lycra.


For my 18th Birthday my mum made me the MOST INCREDIBLE ”Birthday suit”!! And thus started our own little Lycra revolution. Each year she’d make me a gorgeous, funky, unique piece which I’d wear to festivals, parties and now and again to the shop… Years of being chased down and asked where I got them from gave me the confidence I needed to realise “WHO DOESN’T WANT TO LOOK AND FEEL LIKE A BLOOMIN’ SUPERHERO!!?”


And so that is and always will be our number one aim; to create beautifully hand crafted, tailored, corset-cut catsuits, playsuits and other lavish pieces for you SPARKLY-SUPER-SOULS!!